Welcome to Food Plus People

Flavor for every occasion and seasoned for everyday life.
We believe that food should be delicious on your palate, nourishing for your body, and be mindful of your budget! All at the same damn time. Which is why, our products breathe life and joy into your pantry. Being the foundation (staple) in every dish. We do the heavy lifting so you don't have too.
Queer, Black Women-Owned Company.
Often collaborating with nonprofits to fight food insecurity.
In popular American culture, so much of the Black food story is marred by pain and scarcity. We're reclaiming that narrative in a manner that exemplifies the pride and ingenuity of our culinary legacy. Food Plus People was created to put humanity back in every meal. As a business, we purposefully hire and train up systemically impacted people who have been neglected by dominate culture. We aim to provide an education and skillset that will aid those in need of opportunity to grow into a the hospitality industry.
Our products were crafted with flavor and ease of use in mind. Perfect for the novice cook or seasoned dinner party host. "The Chef's Edge" Food Plus People is unique. We stand out in the center of the aisle as shelf stable pantry products created by chefs with extensive restaurant experience. Our chefs take those same principles around sourcing amazing ingredients, flavor development, and technique as your favorite restaurants, and bring them to your cabinet.
199,800 Miles
In our first year of business, 2020, our products have traveled over 199,800 miles across the US.
Our Favorite Helpers
 Madison (left),
is all about logistic and making sure everything is in order
- so we can provide the best experience to our guest!

Marlee (right)
is the youngest on the crew and she is our CPO
(Chief Packing Officer) and works the register
at all our pop ups.
Meet Our Founders
Chef Sicily Sierra
Founder & CEO

Honestly, the name Food Plus People, was really simple for Chef Sicily Sierra to arrive at when dreaming up this company. "I have always been fascinated by how food and people intersect and how meals turn into a tradition."

Sicily became a successful actress as "Young Aisha" on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and on the primetime family comedy, "One On One" as Spirit. But for Sicily, the Hollywood afterparties and award shows were less about networking and more about watching chefs prepare food for party-goers. “I would just wish I could cook for those people,” she remembers.

She followed that desire and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu’s culinary arts program. After graduating she started an internship at the Los Angeles Times’ test kitchen, testing recipes for the newspaper then went on to work at other food businesses before working on a successful dessert food truck. After becoming a mother, Sicily decided to look into her family’s history and the dishes she remembered from her childhood. Her great-great-great-grandfather Roe Duncan, a slave who cooked for a white family in Tennessee in the 1800s. Roe and his wife Alice passed down their recipes to their 8 daughters and they passed those recipes down and so on and so on until they reached Sicily. Where she and her mother co-founded Pinky & Red’s as part of La Cocina’s incubator program.  

Chef Mavis-Jay
Co-Founder & COO

“My favorite thing about food… it being an expression of how we love ourselves and how we love others. When love and food meld, it creates this alchemy with the power to transform people inside and out, thats divine.” 

Legend has it Mavis-Jay began mastering cooking before she could even see over the counter and perfected poundcake before her abc’s. Looking to cultivate her talents, Mavis-Jay attended the Culinary Institute of America in upstate New York after receiving a BS in hotel and restaurant management from Georgia Southern University. Later, she would impress with her ability and hard earned leadership at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Blue Hill, and Untitled in New York. She went on to be part owner of the award winning food truck Pico House in Los Angeles. Driven make an impact on food access in under resourced communities, Mavis-Jay moved back to NYC to join the team at The Brownsville Community Culinary Center as Director of Operations to provide free, paid, world class culinary and hospitality training to marginalized communities in Brooklyn that culminated in guaranteed career placement. Most recently, she joined the team at Drive Change as Director of Culinary Development and Education.

  Mavis-Jay is a chef who believes in sustainably raised ingredients, thoughtfully prepared. She is a social equity advocate that has dedicated her career to fighting for food justice in Black and low-income communities. In 2019, she was honored as one of Star Chefs’ New York Rising Star Chef. She is a James Beard Chef’s Boot Camp alum, a Chef’s Collaborative scholar, and in the before times had been a featured chef of the New York’s Queer Soup Night. She can also be found on the advisory board of the Queer Food Foundation, on God’s Love We Deliver’s culinary counsel, and in the Black Farmer’s Fund pilot community. In 2020, Mavis-Jay became the co-founder of Food + People, a food company dedicated to celebrating Black American heritage and joy while subverting traditional food systems to reclaim Black food sovereignty.
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